ISO 9712 pdf download – Non-destructive testing – Qualification and certification of personnel

ISO 9712 pdf download - Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of personnel

ISO 9712 pdf download – Non-destructive testing – Qualification and certification of personnel.
NOTE For an explanation of the three levels of qualification, see Clause 6.
practical examination
assessment of practical skills, In which the candidate demonstrates familiarity with, and the ability to perform, the test
qualification examination
examination, sd ministered by the certification body or the authorized qualifying body, which assesses the general, specific and practical knowledge and the skill of the candidate
specific examination
written exrninatinn. at Level 1 or 2. concerned with testing techniques applied in a particular sector(s), including knowledge of the product(s) tested, and of codes, standards, specifications, procedures and acceptance criteria
NOTE For an explanation of the three levels of qualification, see Clause 6.
person certified to Level 3 in the method and product or industrial sector for which he is authorized by the certification body to conduct, supervise and grade the qualification examination
NOTE For an explanation of the three levels of qualification, see Clause 6.
industrial experience
expenence, acceptable to the certification body, gained under qualified supervision, in the application of the NDT method in the sector concerned, needed to acquire the skill and knowledge to fulfil the provisions of qualification
multiple-choice examination question
wording of a question giving rise to four potential replies, only one of which is correct, the remaining three being incorrect or Incomplete
job-specific training
instruction, provided by the employer (or his agent) to the certificate holder in those aspects of non-destructive testing specific to the employer’s products, NOT equipment, NDT procedures, and applicable codes. standards, specifications and procedures, leading to the award of operating authorizations
NDT Instruction
written description of the precise steps to be followed in testing to an established standard, code, specification or NOT procedure
5.2 Certification body
5.2.1 The certification body shall conform to the requirements of ISOIIEC 17024. It should have no direct involvement in training of NDT personnel and be recognized by the NDT community or the ISO member body of the country concerned.
5.2.2 The certification body shall be supported by a techrHcal committee composed of representatives of interested parties, for example: NDT societies, committees, users, suppliers and government departments as appropriate. This committee shalt be responsible for setting and maintaining the technical standards of examination. Its members shall be qualified for the tasks by an appropriate combination of NDT certification and/or expenenca.
5.2.3 The certification body
a) shall initiate, promote, maintain and administer the certification scheme according to this International Standard.
b) shalt approve property staffed and equipped examination centres which it shall monitor,
C) may delegate, under its direct responsibility, the detailed administration of qualification to authorized qualifying bodios to which the certification body will issue specificatinns for ficilities, personnel. equipment, examination materials, records. etc.,
d) shall conduct an Initial audit, and subsequent periodic surveillance audits of the qualification bodies to
ensure their conformance to the specifications,
e) shall issue all certificates,
f) shall be responsible for ensuring the security of all examination materials (specimens, master reports. question banks, examination papers. etc.), shall ensure that specimens are not in use for training purposes, and shall be responsible for the definition of sectors (see Annex A).
5.3 Authorized qualifying body
5.3.1 Where established, the authorized qualifying body shall
a) work under the control of the certification body,
b) ensure that it is impartial with respect to each candidate seeking qualification, bringing to the attention of the certification body any actual or potential threat to its impartiality,
C) conform to the specification issued by the certification body Isee 5.2.3 c)).
d) apply a documented quality management system approved by the certification body,
e) have the resources and expertise necessary to establish, monitor and control examination centres. induding examinations and the calibration and control of equipment,
f) prepare and supervise examinations under the responsibility of an examiner authorized by the certification body, and
g) maintain appropriate records according to the requirements of the certification body.
5.3.2 If there are no authorized qualifying bodies, the certification body shall fulfil the requirements of the qualifying body.

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