ISO 9908 pdf download – Technical specifications for centrifugalpumps -Class III

ISO 9908 pdf download - Technical specifications for centrifugalpumps -Class III

ISO 9908 pdf download – Technical specifications for centrifugalpumps -Class III.
AXial movement of the rotor permitted by the bearings shall not adversely affect the performance of the mechanical seal.
4.11 Bearings
4.11.1 General
Rolling bearings of standard design are normally to be used.
4.11.2 Rolling barlng life
Rolling bearings shall be selected and rated in accordance with ISO 76 and ISO 281; the basic rating life (L) shall be at least 10 000 h when operating within the allowable operating range.
4.11.3 Lubrication
The operating instructions shall include information on the type and amount of lubricant to be used and the frequency of eppication.
4.11.4 B.aring housing design
The bearing housing shall be designed to prevent the ingress of contaminants and the escape of the lubcicant under normal operating conditions.
4.12 Shaft sealing
4.12.1 General
The pump design shaft permit the use of either mechanical seal(s) or soft packing (with the exception of glandless pumps).
The seal cavity dimensions shall be in accordance with ISO 3069 except where the operating conditions dictate otherwise.
4.122 Stuffing box
Ample sace shall be provided for repacking, including compression of packing material, without removing or dismantling any part other than gland components and guards.
The gland shall withstand forces necessary for compressing the packing materaL
4.12.3 Mechanical seals
The mechanical seal shall be suitable to withstand the given operating conditions.
Appropriate material for the seal components shall be chosen to withstand corrosion, erosion, temperature and mechanical stress. etc
A mechanical seal shall not be subjected to a hydrostatic test pressure exceeding the seal pressure hmit.
4.13 Nameplate
Nameplates shall be securely attached to the pump.
The minimum information required on the nameplate shall be name (or trademark) and address of the manufacturerjsuppher. identification number of the pump (for example, serial number or product number), type and size.
Further space may be provided for additional infor• mation on rate of flow, pump total head and pump speed.
4.14 Dir.ction of rotation
The direction of rotation shall be indicated by a prominently located arrow of durable construction. For portable closecoupled pumps the direction of the starting reaction may be indicated as alternative.
4.15 CouplIngs
If the driver is not integral with the pump design, the pump shall normally be coupled to the driver by a flexible coupling.
Coupling halves shall be effectively secured against circumferential end axial movement relative to the shafts.
If coupling components are baLanced together, the correct assembly position shall be shown by permanent and visible marks.
An appropriate fixed guard shall be provided. Guards shall be designed in accordance with national safety regulations.
4.16 Bas.plates for horizontal pumps
4.16.1 General
Baseplates designed for installations without grouting shall be rigid enough for freestanding Installation or for installation by bolting on a foundation without groutirig.
Baseplates requiring grouting shall be designed to ensure proper grouting (for example trapping of air shall be prevented).
4.16.2 Assembly of pump and driver on baseplate.

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