ISO 7409 pdf download – Fertilizers — Marking – Presentation and declarations

ISO 7409 pdf download - Fertilizers — Marking - Presentation and declarations

ISO 7409 pdf download – Fertilizers — Marking – Presentation and declarations.
6 Types of marking
Marking can take the form of package markings, quality assurance documents, labels,electronic labels,etc.The information can be added to bags by printing,labels, stickers, etc.The use of electronic labels,such as two-dimensional (2D) codes, is encouraged.Electronic labels should be legible and conspicuouson a discrete area of the principal display panel and shall include, at a minimum, the information relatedto package markings.
7Pre-marked containers
7.1Containers holding more than 25 kg (or 25 l) of fertilizer7.1.1 Marking technical details
Position: A rectangular space for marking shall be located in the centre of one of the main faces of thecontainer/label.The edges of the space shall be parallel to the edges of the container.
Measurement: lts edges shall be at least 65 % of the length of the container. The total area for markingshall be at least 10 % of the face selected.
Label information:The technical information of the label on the container should be easy to read.Anypicture, brand or logo used in the marking should not obstruct the quick identification of text messages.Declarations shall be marked within the above-mentioned area.
lt is recommended that the type and grade be also marked on the sides or gussets of non-rigidcontainers.
NOTE The front side of the container often contains the brand or logo.7.1.2General instructions for the size of characters
Three sizes of characters shall be used, according to the area of the space for marking(7.1.1), so thatthe information can be set out clearly.These three sizes shall be in a ratio X/Y/7, which may vary onlywithin the limits indicated in Table 1.
The size of lower-case characters shall be determined by the height of the letters without a down stroke(for example, e, o, u, n].
The height of the upper-case characters shall be typographically consistent with the height of the lower-case characters.
To avoid any ambiguity, it is recommended that version (1) be adopted.
lf a solubility included in the declared total includes another solubility, the value of the latter shouldalso be declared, as described above.
9.5The net mass or volume of fertilizer.
For example, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) packaging standards require thenet weight statement to be bold, clear and conspicuous, in a colour that contrasts with the background,and parallel to the base of the package in the lower 30 % of the principal display panel. They do notallow words or phrases that qualify the amount, such as “approximately”.
9.6The name and address of the person or organization responsible for marking.
9.7Directions for use: indications of the dose rates and conditions of use suitable for the soil and cropconditions under which the fertiliser is used.More detailed information may be recorded on the labels,or the channels through which detailed information can be found may be indicated, e.g. on the companywebsites, pamphlets or brochures.
9.8Warning statements related to safety,e.g. phrases of the Globally Harmonized System ofClassification and Labelling of Chemicals [GHS).

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