ISO 19108 pdf download – Geographic information一Temporal schema

ISO 19108 pdf download - Geographic information一Temporal schema

ISO 19108 pdf download – Geographic information一Temporal schema.
52.3.6 TM Separation
TMGeometricpnmitive also has a dependency on the interface TM_Separation, which provides operations for calculating length and distance. TM_Duration (see FigureS) is a data type that contains return values for those operations.
a) 1engfh’): TM Duration shell return the duration of this TM CeornetncPrflive. The length of a TM_Instant is zero by definition. When the TM GeometricPnrnitive is a TM_Period, the operation shall return the distance between the temporal positions provided by TM_Pedod.begin and TM_Period.end. This operation shall raise an exception If the value of either TM_TemporalPosition is Indeterminate, or If the TM_TeniporalPosations are referenced to a TMOrdinalReferenceSystern,
b) distance (otherlMGeometricPthnitive): TM Duration shal return the distance from this TM_GeornetricPnrnitive to another TM_GeometncPrimitiva, is. the absolute value of the difference between their temporal positions. The distance shall be the distance between the two closest TM emporalPositions of the Iwo TMGeornetricPrirnitives If either TM GeornetricPrimitive is connected to, overtaps or is contained within the other, the operation shall return a value of zero. The operation shall raise an exception if: (1) either of the two TM_TemporalPositions is indeterminate, (2) the TM_TemporalPosilions are not both associated with the same ‘IM_ReferenceSystem, or (3) either TM_TemporalPosition is associated with a TM_OrdralReferenceSystern.
52.3.7 TM_Duration
TM_Duration (see Figure 5) is a data type to be used for describing length or distance ii the temporal dimension, It has two subtypes.
TM_PeriodDuratlon uses the format specified by ISO 8601 for exchanging information about the duration of a period. It allows duration to be expressed in terms of multiple units of time, specifically years, months, days, hours, minutes. and seconds. Although individual values are optional, a value shall be provided for at least one unit.
a) designator CharacterStrtng – P is a mandatory element which designates that the following characters represent the duration of a penod.
b) years .. 11: Characterstring is a positive integer, followed by the character -r which indicates the number of years in the period.
C) months (0.. 1): CharacterSlhng is a positive Integer followed by the character “M” which Indicates the number of months In the period.
d) days (0.. lj: CharaderStnng Is a positive integer followed by the character “D” which indicates the number of days in the period.
a) finieini*cator (0.. lj: CharacterString = T shall be induded whenever the sequence includes values for units of less than a day.
I) hours (0.. 1): CharacferStrlng is a positive integer followed by the character ‘ti’ which indicates the number of hours in the period.
g) minutes (O..lj: CharacterString is a positive integer followed by the character “M which indicates the number of minutes in the period.
h) seconds (0.. 1j: CharacterStnng is a positive Integer followed by the character S” which indicates the number of seconds In the period.
The value for the rightmost unit may be expressed as a positive decimal fraction rather than as a positive integer. EXAMPLE A duration of five days. tour hours, and 30,7 minutes is represented as PSDT4H3O7M.
52.4,5 TM_TopologicalComplex
A topological complex is a set of connected topological primitives. A topological primitive is always connected to one or more other topological pnmitives. and is. therefore, always a member of a topological cOmplex. Temporal topological complexes are represented in this schema by the class TM_TopologlcalComplex.
a) Composition shall link the TM_TopologicalComplex to the set of TM_TopologicalPflmifives that it includes. Since each TM_Edge in the TM_TopologicalComplex is linked to two TM_Nodes, the minimum number of TM_Nodes wi the complex is two.
5.2.4,6 LInear and non-linear graphs Non-lInear graph
The multiplicitles at the TM_Edge end of the associations Inlriation and Termination (see FIgure 6) allow non-linear topology. A TM_Node may be the startNode, or the endNode, for more than one TM_Edge. The TM Edges that share a startNode or an endNode are assumed to be separated in some way, either because they represent temporal characteristics of different features, or because they represent different temporal characteristics of the same feature,
NOTE Non-lineer topology of time is analogous to the case of non-pIar topology In Space. In both cases, it Is assumed that topological primitives that seem to intersect or overt5p arc Cctutt, separated In an unmeasured additional dimension. Linear graph
Because time is a single dimension, temporal topology should be represented as a linear graph. In linear topology, a TM_TopotogicaiComplex Is a sequence of TM_Primitives in which TM_Nodes alternate with TM_Edges. The first element of the sequence is the sta4Node of the first TM_Edge in the sequence, and the last element is the endNode of the last TM_Edge in the sequence. To restrict an application schema to linear topology, the muttiplicitles at the TM_Edge end of the associations Initiation and Termination shall be restricted to 0.1, so that every TM_Node other than the first and the last shall be connected to two, and only two, TM_Edges. a previousEdge and a nextEdge.

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