ISO 15620 pdf download – welding – Friction welding of metallic materials

ISO 15620 pdf download - welding - Friction welding of metallic materials

ISO 15620 pdf download – welding – Friction welding of metallic materials.
4.3.2 Features
Friction welding macnines can be equipped with the following options:
— loading equipment:
— unloading equqmenl:
— turning units lot facing, Bash removal, machining:
— shearing unit to str the flash:
– extended memory for welding programmes:
— weld identdation unit:
– angular orientation:
— monitoring;
– identification:
— Wi process proof testing.
5 Quality requirements
5.1 General
The regulations and recoriwnendations which govern other welding processes apply only at part to friction wekhng
Emphasis should be placed on the avoidance of imperiections rather than on developing methods to find them. An important prerequisite for ensuring weld quality Is the uniformity and consistency of the component to be welded. For this reason, adequate quality assurance measures shall be taken during the pie-welding. welding and post- welding process operations.
5.2 Pre-welding conditions
5.2.1 ConditIon of raw materials
To ensure repeatable properties 04 friction welds whIch remain constant within a friction welding series the following conditions shotid be maintained
— chemical analysis;
— structure;
– strength and hardness;
— dimensional and geometncal tolerances:
– supply conditIons of the materials lobe joined,
5.2.2 PreparatIon of the components to be welded
Unless otherwise require(f by fhe de5i’i ecifiçation he following should be adhered to:
The end of each component shal be prepared so that the faying surface lies In a plane at ñght angles to the axis of rotation, the end being cut square. This end can be tapered if required so that the area of the faying surface is reduced for the early stage of th. welding cycle. The length of the taper shall be not greater than 50% of the burn- off length for each component and sufficient to ensure that the plane of the weld interface is on the parallel porlion of the component, or at such a position as is indicated on the drawing agreed between the contracting parties.
Dirt, grease. rust and other surface oxides or protective films shall be removed from the faying surf aces before the components are placed in the machine, except where surface contanwiatlon Is shown to have no detrimental effect on pint properties.
Surface Irregularities on the faying surface. e.g. centre turning holes. shal only be allowed where they do not cause harmful effects.
6.5.1 Joint design
A sketch of the ln1 design showing position of weld(s), details and tolerances may be macfe
6.5.2 Preparation of components
Selected method of surf ace preparation, as necessary (e. g. sawing, turning).
6.5.3 Fixtures
-The methods to be used:
— details of fixtures and bacIslops.
6.6 OptIonal devices
E.g. flash forming. supports when welding thin-wailed tubes
7 Welding procedure approval
7.1 Principles
The following procedure is designed to meet high duty applications.
Welding procedure specifications for friction welding shall be approved prior to production whenever required. The methods of approval are:
— approval by welding procedure lest according to 7.2:
— approval based on previous experience according to 7.4.
This standard does not invalidate previous welding procedure approvals made to specifications providing the intent of the technical requirements is satisfied and the previous procedure approvals are relevant to the application and production work on which they are to be employed. Consideration of previous procedure approvals to former national standards or specifications should be, at the time of enquwy or contract stage, agreed between the contracting patties.
7.2 Welding procedure tests
7.2.1 Application
When procedure tests are required, tests shall be carried out In accordance with the provisions In this section unless more severe tests are required by the design specification or by other standards when these shall apply.
7.2.2 Preliminary welding procedure specifIcation (pWPS)
The preliminary welding prOce&%e specitication shall be prepared in accordance with clause 6 01 the standard,
7.2.3 Number of test weidments
Unless more severe tests are required by the design specification or by other standards the ninimum test requirements are as follows
– a minenum of two wei&ients shall be produced for WPS qualification:
— a mirem,im of two weidinents shall be evaluated.

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