ISO 13631 pdf download – Petroleum and natural gas industries一 Packaged reciprocating gas compressors

ISO 13631 pdf download - Petroleum and natural gas industries一 Packaged reciprocating gas compressors

ISO 13631 pdf download – Petroleum and natural gas industries一 Packaged reciprocating gas compressors. In addition to the above, the following features shall be considered for aw filters that are mounted
remote from the engine.
a) Piping and supports shall be furnished by the purchaser, unless otherwise specified
b) Inlet piping to the engine shall have internal-surface corrosion protection,
c) Air filters shall be placed so that ground dust or snow will not dog the filter. All ductiog. including air cleaner-to-manifold connections, shall be air-tiit to avoid the intake of unuttered air. Restricted inlets, sharp or numerous bends, and undersized piping shall be avoided. Maximum pressure drop shal not exceed engine manufacturers recommendation. A pressure drop indicator shall be provided if specified by the purchaser,
8.2.5 Exhaust system The exhaust system shall be propeily anchored and supported, include all interconnecting piping, and direct the expansion of the piping invoived away from the engine If an expansion ,oant is required, it shall be stainless steal.
NOTE Bellow4ype expansion jcnts we preferred to flanged ones. The mufflerlsilericer shall be painted with high.temperature.resistant aluminium part or equivalent protection. Exhaust piping shall be designed such that the back-pressure limitations of the engine are not exceeded Provision shall be made to prevent rainwater from enlenng the system and to eliminate water from exhaust gases or condensation, Unless otherwise specified, an industrial-type exhaust silencer shall be provided It an alternative exhaust silencer is specified by the purdlaser. its design shall conform to the minimum criteria as specified on the data sbets, such as
sound attenuation, personnel protection. spark-arresting capability. InsuLation and/ or guarding of hot metal surfaces shall not be provided, unless otherwise specified by
the purchaser. However, adequate clearance shall be provided for insulation andl or guarding by others.
8.2.6 Engine ignition system
The engine ignition system shall be suitable for the electrical area classification specified by the purchaser. The engine shall be equipped with a complete Ignition system of the manufacturers standard design. unless otherwise specified by the purchaser
For outdoor installation or if specified by the purchaser, all components shall be of weather-protected design or fitted with weather covers to prevent rain from directly coritacling or accumulating in system components.
9 Cooling system
9.1 General
This International Standard is not applicable to shell-and-tube type and plate-type coolers.
9.2 Gas engine
An engine cooling system shall include the following features as appropnate:
a) engine coolant section(s) as required by the engine manufacturer for engine lubricating oil, engine turbocharger, air aftercooler (if required) and engine adcet cooling;
b) elevated de-aerating-type reservoir with gauge glass, vent line, coolant level switch, overflow, 1111119 connection and drain. Gauge glasses are not required on engine radiators;
C) thermostatic coolant temperature control in accordance with the engine manulacture?s recommendation;
d) plugged manual drain connection(s) to completely drain equipment and system.
e) plugged manual vents to completely vent equipment and system.
9.3 Compressor
9.3.1 CIrculated coolant If coolant-cooled cylinders are furnished, a compressor-cylinder jacket cooling system shall be provided, either separate integral with the engine cooling system, to provide coolant to the compress cylinders within the temperature limits recommended by the compressor manufacturer tot the specified compression duties. The cylinder cooling-system piping shall be equipped with vents and low-pomt drains. Manual block valves, to permit working on the compressor unit or auxiliary equipment without drawing the engine cooler, shall be furnished
NOTE For low-temperature operation, temperature controls may be necessary for heating the coolant and keeping the cylinders at an appropriate temperature. If furnished, the cylinder jacket system shag be desIgned to positively prevent leakage of gas Into the coolant
The purchaser is cautioned regarding the followmg.
a) Coolant inlet temperatures less than 5 K greater than gas inlet temperatures may cause gas constituent condensation.
b) Insufficient coolant flow or low coolant velocity may cause fouling of the cylinder jacket system.
c) Coolant exit temperature more than 17 K above gas inlet temperature may cause capacity reduction. SIght flow and temperature indicators shall be furnished specified by the purchaser.
9.3.2 Th.rmo-syphon and static coolIng
It applicable, the compressor-cylinder jacket coding system may be eO,er static or thermo-syphon type where the compressor discharge temperatures are within the temperature limits recommended by the compressor manufacturer for the compression duties.

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