ISO 10019 pdf download – Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services

ISO 10019 pdf download - Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services

ISO 10019 pdf download – Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services.
j) accountable: able to take responsibility for his/her own actions;
k) facilitative: able to assist an organizations management and employees through me quality management system realization.
4.2.3 Education, knowledge and skills
Quality management system consultants should have the appropriate education needed to acquire the knowledge and skills relevant for the consulting services to be provided. A typical example is provided in Annex B.
NOTE In this context. knowledge and skm at related to generic scholastic ability, such as linguistic ability and knoMedge of basic soence and humanities
4.2.4 Knowledge and skills specific to quality management Relevant standards
Quality management system consultants should be able to understand and apply relevant International
standards that can affect me organization, such as
— ISO 9000, Quality management systems — Fundamentals and vocabulary.
— ISO 9001 Quality management systems — Requirements,
— ISO 9004, Quality management systems — Guidenes for pert cwrnance improvements,
— ISO 19011 • Guidelines hr quality andkx environmental management systems auditing, and
— other relevant International Standards as listed In the Blbllogrhy.
In addition, the consultant should have knowledge of omor standards mat are necessary for me consulting
NOTE Typical etamoles include
a) sector-specific standards.
b) measurement control aysteme standards,
C) accreditation standards,
d) conformity assessment standards.
e) product standards,
t) dependability management standards, and
g) standards related to safety aspects.
Quality management system consultants should also have knowledge of the ISO guidance documents developed as part of me ISO 9000 family introduction and support packaget’61,
42.42 National and international certification/registration and accreditatIon systems
Quality management system consultants should have general knowledge of
a) the standardization, certification and accreditation systems at national and international level, and the requirements hr certification for such systems (e.g. ISQIEC Guide 62), and
b) the processes and procedures for national certification of products, systems and personnel
5.1 consultant’s services
The organization may use consulting services to assist in one or more of the following activities within a qualitymanagement system realization (see A.2):
a)definition of objectives and requirements;b)initial evaluation;
ddesign and development;e) implementation;
g)ongoing training and maintenance;h)improvement.
5.2 Contract for consultant’s services
Organizations should ensure that they have a contract with the quality management system consultant thatclearly defines the scope of work (including outputs), has realistic milestones and is cost-effective for theorganization (see A.1). When entering into a contract,activities such as the following (see A.2) should beconsidered:
a) seting agreed contract objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited;b) setting out a detailed contract plan with agreed milestones and outputs;
c) communicating the plan to all interested parties;
d)identifying the training needs of relevant employees so they can perform the ongoing evaluation,maintenance and improvement of the quality management system;
e)implementing the plan;
f) monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan and implementing contingent actions,asappropriate;
g)ensuring the agreed milestones are met or redefined;hydefining a process to approve the outcomes of the contract.
Meetings should be held to evaluate the progress in implementing the system and the performance of theconsultant.At each of these meetings, progress in terms of the plan and the budget for quality managementsystem realization activities should be reviewed. Documented progress reports should be submitted to the topmanagement.
5.3Useful considerations for consultant’s services
ln the process of using quality management system consulting services, the organization should consider thefollowing:
a) the resulting system should not generate unnecessary administration and documentation;
b) the success of a quality management system depends mainly on the involvement and commitment of top management and not on the consultant alone;
c)the organization should assign a staff member (usually the person who will eventually ensure that the quality management system is maintained) to coordinate and monitor the consultant’s activities.

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