ISO 639-1 pdf download – ISO 639-1 pdf Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 1: Alpha-2 code

ISO 639-1 pdf download - ISO 639-1 pdf Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 1: Alpha-2 code

ISO 639-1 pdf download – ISO 639-1 pdf Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 1: Alpha-2 code.
A.2.3 Other general responsibilities ISO 639-la’RA shall do the following:
handle all aspects of the registration p-ocess in accordance wrth good business practice;
indicate in operahons that it has been designated as ISO 639-1!RA by ISO:
— provide an annual sumniaty report on Its activity to ISO Central Secretariat as well as to ISOITC 37 and ISOI’TC 46 Secretanats;
— provide advice on implementation and use of this part of ISO 639, as needed.
A3 Joint Advisory Committee ISO 639/RA-JAC
A Joint AdvisOry Committee (ISO 6391RA-JAC) is established to advise both the ISO 639-1IRA Registration Authoiity and the ISO 639-2IRA Restration Authority. It slial guide the application of the coding rules as laid down In lSO639-1 and 150639-2 respectively.
A.3.1 Composition
ISO 6391RA-JAC is composed of
– one representative of the International Infomiation Centre for Terminology (Infoterm; representing ISO 639.I1RA).
— one representative of the Ld’ary of Congress (LC: representing ISO 639-2JRA).
— three representatives of ISO/TC 37 (nomInated by ISO1TC 37), and
— three representatives of ISOITC 46 (nominated by ISO?TC 46).
Both ISO!TCs may nominate substitute representatives.
k3.1.1 MembershIp
The representatives of Inlotorm and the Library of Congress will hold chair on a 2 year rotating basis. Up to five technical experts may be asked to participate as non-voting observers The observers will be entitled to receive documents sent to the RA-JAC membership and expected to provide comments in return.
A.3.2 Working procedures within ISO 6391RA-JAC
ISO 6391RA-JAC will work primarily by correspondence and exceptionally by meeting. If a meeting is necessary, it shall preferably be held in conjunction with the plenary meetings or isorrc 37 and ISOITC 37/SC 2, or ISO(TC 46 and ISO/TC 46/SC 4
A.3.3 Additions and deletions to the list of entities, changes of identifiers
Request for additions, deletions and changes of Identifiers shall be supported by a justification. When ISO 639-1IRA consults ISO 6391RA-JAC about the poposed ,ncluson, deletion or change, and suggests an identifier, ISO 8391RA-JAC is obliged to respond within one month. Simultaneously, ISO 639-2JRA will be informed and asked for comments.
A.3.4 Reservation of Identifiers
When a request for inclusion of a new entity has been rejected, ISO 839-1tRA may reserve the requested identifier for the use of the applicant and other possible users, ISO 639-1IRA will keep a record of such reservations and will inform the ISO 639-2/RA of such
A.3.5 Creation of language Identifiers
The creation of Language identifiers is subØct to the rules described in ISO 639-1, 4.1 and 150639-2:1998, 4,1.
A3.6 Voting procedures
Each member of ISO 639/RA-JAC has one vote (voting is obligatory). Voting is conducted by writing (letter, telex, telefax) or in a meeting. Voting by telephone must be confirmed by writing. Failure to reply is considered as an abstention.
A vote must be unanimous for it to pass. If an unanimous vote cannot be reached, a second vote will be conducted. The letter ballot shall be accompanied by all comments received. At least five positive votes are required to pass.
It is necessary for any amendments to ISO 639.1 to be approved according to the voting rules before revisions are published.

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