ISO 3509 pdf download – Coffee and coffee products一Vocabulary

ISO 3509 pdf download - Coffee and coffee products一Vocabulary

ISO 3509 pdf download – Coffee and coffee products一Vocabulary.
partly black bean
coffee bean & which half or less than one-half of the external surface and interior te black (endosperm)
NOTE The term sema-btack bean’ Is often used.
black-green bean
unrçe coffee bean, often with a wrink led surface, with a dark green almost black colour and a glossy sllverskln
Immature bean quaker bean
unrçe coffee bean, often with a wrinkled surface
NOTE I Such beans have a greenish or metallic green silverskjn colour. Cell walls and internal structure are not fully developed.
NOTE 2 After roasting, immature beans are of a lighter brown colour than nermal mature beans.
brown bean ardlde
coffee bean having a range of colours, such as very light reddish brown, brown-black, yellowish green to dark reddish brown, and a dark brown internal colour (endosperm)
NOTE 1 When roasted and infused, such beans produce an unpleasant sour taste (stinker).
NOTE 2 Such beans are not to be confused with the foxy sllnrskln beans (5.5.6). whIch have a normal green internal colour revealed by gantle scratching of the surface, and which produce no off-flavour in the ç.
foxy silverskin bean inelado
coffee bean with a coloured silverskin (perisperrn), ranging from yellowish pink to dark reddish brown
NOTE I After removal of the sdvarskin, no unusual shade reriains on the naked bean,
NOTE 2 Such beans are not to be confused with brown beans (5 5.5).
wet process
treatment of coffee cherries consisting of the mechanical removal of the exocarp (pulp) in the presence of water, alternatively followed by
— either removal of the mucilage (rnesocarp) by fermentation or other methods, followed by washing to give parchment coffee, or
— direct drying of the pulped beans within their mucilaginous parchment, followed by hulling to produce ‘semi-washed” green coffee
NOTE Removal of the mucilage a usualty folowed by drying aid hulling to produce weshed green coffee (see 2,6)
technological operation used In the wet process to remove the pulp (exocamp) and as much as posstile of the mucilage (mnesocarp) by mechanical means
NOTE A portion of the muciaginous mesocarp usuy remains edhenng to the parchment (endocaip).
fermentation process
treatment intended to digest the mucilaginous mesocarp adhering to the parchment of the pulped coffee, allowing its elimination by washing
NOTE The fermentation process can be reØacal by a mechanical demucilaging system to remove the mucilage by friction.
technological operation intended to remove by water all traces ol the mucilaginous mesocamp from the surface of the parchment
drying of parchment coffee
technological operation intended to reduce the moisture content of parchment coffee to a level that alows hulling under satisfactory technical conditions and that wiN not be detrimental to further storage of the coffee

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