ISO 16484-3 pdf download – Building automation and control systems(BACS)一 Part 3:Functions

ISO 16484-3 pdf download - Building automation and control systems(BACS)一 Part 3:Functions

ISO 16484-3 pdf download – Building automation and control systems(BACS)一 Part 3:Functions.
h) keyboard. mouse/other pointing device;
i) printer failure/out of paper.
5.3.3 Communication programs
5.3,3.1 CommunIcation lnt.rfac.s
In case there is not a unique network for all functional network levels as shown In Figure 1 of Part 2 of this standard, the typical data exchange communication interfaces (hardware end drivers) can be manufacturer specific or standardized communication protocol(s).
For the management network (MN). proven international standards for LAN should be employed,
The falkire of a part of a communication system shall not cause a disturbance or the failure of the whole communication system for the BACS,
The nelwodcibus architecture shall allow for testing and analyzing for each communication partner.
Communication services and objects for system neutral data transmission in BACS applications are described in ISO 16484.5.
If manufacturer specific protocols are used, driver and protocol software for foreign data interfaces and they description shall be supplied to allow project implementation, if required.
Performance criteria:
1) number of communication interfaces to be used simultaneously’ EXAMPLE Interface to router, gateway. MN. CN, FN. PU. MOU. DSS.
2) supported standardized protocols, degree of conformance or statement of Interoperabllety:
3) peer to peer communication abdity;
4) maximum baud rate of each communication network;
5) supported MODEM functionality;
EXAMPLE Capacity of phone nuntrs to be called aUtomatically, automatic callback 8) performance of MODEM interface by means of baud rate, data compression, data encryption;
7) conformance to international data transmission standards/national regulations. R.mot. operation
The set up method for remote communications between management devices in distributed systems and MOU1PU. is to be specified.
The functions offered by remote access shall be specified:
a) access to current live values and states;
b) automatic dial-up to demand receipt of alarms:
b) Command with interactive dialogue: The system offers the ability to guide the operator with system texts and the user can input his command strings after a prompt from the system.
C) Command with interactive menu: The system otters the ability to offer the user a list of dialogues. The user can make a selection from a menu.
Performance criteria:
1) amount 01 text swnultaneously displayed, e.g. 80 characters 25 lines;
2) input (command) verification for correct syntax. Graphical user interface
In a system with a GUI the system provides the informabon to the user in a graphical torn,. The user may interact using a potnting device. e.g. mouse, to select. andior the keytoard to type in Information, his recommended that a system with a GUI provide a graphical editor. The time to open a new schematic of given size and to update a given number of dynamic display items is to be stated.
Performance criteria:
1) number of schematics supported by an application:
2) syn’tbots used:
3) scroll, zoom capability;
4) input (command) verification for correct syntax Accessing Information
Data withm a BACS is normaly accessed by using user addresses as mnemonics to uniquely identify items of information. Where a point name structure is used, It shall be established on the basis of the user’s requirements, independently of the technical system structure. Point information presentation
Ptant related information is represented by any or all of the following: date and time, user address, state, value and unit, limits, event type and optional text of functions, as stated in the BACS FL
A dateflime stamp Indicates the last change of state or value. The text describes the stale of the function and the meaning of the state, eg. incoming high lwnit alarm, state of operation. Additional text, ditah voice, or pictures may be assigned and presented upon request by the operator.
The format of the date and time stamp is to be specified, e.g. —
Displays should indicate If point states and values are not updated, or are not being refreshed.
Performance criteria:
1) amount of characters for each Item of displayed text;
2) refresh rate for displayed values.

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