ISO 14620-1 pdf download – Space systems -Safety requirements —Part 1: system safety

ISO 14620-1 pdf download - Space systems -Safety requirements —Part 1: system safety

ISO 14620-1 pdf download – Space systems -Safety requirements —Part 1: system safety.
4.3.5 Approval of reports
The supplier should not permit proecl reports that address matters related to safety certification to be issued without signed approval of the safety representative.
4.3.6 Review
No project hazardous operation or system mission shall be permitted to proceed without prior review and approval by the safely representative.
4,3.7 RepresentatIon on boards
Safety should be represented at configuration control boards (CCBS), nonconformance review boards INRBS). test review board (TRBs). and at qualificaflon. and acceptance reviews, where safety requirements and safety critical functions are involved. Safety should be further represented at medical boards or equivalent where exposure or endurance limits are defined for flight and ground crews.
4.4 Safety risk management
4.4.1 RIsks
Risk to human life, Investments made, mission and environment shall be managed throughout the project by performing the following ac1ivities
a) allocation of safety requirements:
b) hazard identification:
C) hazard evakiation;
d) hazard prevention, reduction, and control;
a) hazard close out, induding residual risk acceptance.
4.4.2 Hazard assessment
All hazard assessments shall consider primarily the hazard potential and categorize all hazards accordmg to the appropriate severity category. Corresponding controls shall be proposed The initial design shall be chosen such that the hazard potential and its related consequence severity are minimized. The probability of a hazardous event shall consequently be taken into account whenever hazard consequence severity reduction methods alone are considered insufficient to adequately reduce the risk. The probability of occwrence shall be reduced by considering all areas of design for minimum risk, increasing the reliability of safety devices, providing warning devices, or using procedural controls and training
4.4.3 Preferred measures
Hazard potential reducing measures that as a minimum do not reduce reliability shall be preferred Probability and
therefore risk-related reduction measures that do not lead to increased criticality shall be preferred.
4.5 Project phases and safety review cycle
4.5.1 Progress meetings
The supplier shall hold regular safety progress meetings to review the status of safety programme activities as required by this European Standard, The meetings may be attended by the relevant customer and supplier specialists.
45.2.10 OperatIonal readiness review
During the operational roacness review, the results of the vehicleground compatibhty tests and the operational cjaliflcahon tests (during which the operational procedures shall have been verified) shall be assessed. This assessment shall verity that the combined operation of vehicle and ground tacitities does not introduce new hazards or require additional controls. Launch commitment meeting
During the launch commitment meeting, the current safety status shal be presented which documents any potential eflects of countdown anomalies, weather and hardware or personnel conditions II shall state whether the safety status is acceptable for Launch to proceed and shall be sub(ect to review and formal acceptance by the customer and the safety approval authority. In orbit test revIew
Dunng the in orbit test review, the validity of previous hazard and nsk acceptance shail be reconfirmed considering any design or operational changes which have been introduced This shall include assessment of the continued validity of previousiy accepted operational margins, and waivers against safety critical functions Updated safety analyses shall be provided as necessary to support the decision to authorize continuous usage of the system. End-of-life assessment
During the end•oI•life assessment, a safety package shall be provided which documents the safety status of the system with respect to its capability to support the planned end-of-life and disposal operations and their conformance with the applicable requirements, including any relevant international safety regulations.
4.5.3 Safety programme review
The safety programme shall be reviewed, depending on project criticality, either:
a) as part of the scheduled project milestone reviews; or
b) as part of a dedicated safety review.
4.5.4 Safety data package
The supplier shall prepare and deliver the safety data package. The content of the safety data package shall be
defined for each project or programme by the safety approval authority.
4.6 Safety programme plan
4.6.1 Implementation
The supplier shall show how the safety programme is implemented in the safety programme plan in accordance with ISO 14300-2. The plan may either be included as part of an overall project product assurance plan or as a separate safety programme sub.plan.
4.6.2 Safety activities
Safety planning shall cover the safety activities for the project phases as defined in ISO 14300• 1.
4.6.3 DefInition
The plan shall define:
a) the safety programme tasks to be implemented.

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