ISO 10254 pdf download – Air cargo and ground equipment-Vocabulary

ISO 10254 pdf download - Air cargo and ground equipment-Vocabulary

ISO 10254 pdf download – Air cargo and ground equipment-Vocabulary.
aircraft pallet
unit load device consisting of a flat platlorm with flat undersurface of standard dimensions on which goods are assembled and secured before being loaded as a unit on to the aircraft and which interfaces directly with the aircraft handling and restraint system
NOTE — See aircraft unit load device.
aircraft pallet net net
wobbing or rope net for restraining load on to an aircraft pallet
1 II may also be used in conjunction with an igloo.
2 See eircreft unit load device.
aircraft unit load device
assembly of components comprising one of either an aircraft pallet and pallet net, an aircraft pallet and pallet net over an igloo, or an aircraft container
NOTE Thc purposc of tho unit is to enable individual pieces of cargo to be assembled into a standard-sized unit to facilitate rapid loading on to aircraft having compatible handling and restraint systems which interface directly with the unit.
airworthiness certification
document to show that an Item complies with all the airworthiness requirements related to its use as laid down by the regulatory authorities fur the country iii which the aircraft is registered and on which the item is to be used
all-cargo aircraft
aircraft used solely for the carriage of air cargo
ancillary equipment
jigs, dollies, templates and any like equipment used to build up a palletized load or to convey an aircraft unit load device outside an aircraft
combination aircraft combi
type of aircraft with a configuration able to carry both passengers and cargo on the main deck
space designated within a hold, which may be subdivided into bays, for ULD positions or for bulk loading
compression test
test performed on a unit or element by the application of external forces of a crushing or collapsing nature
container/pallet loader
self-powered vehicle having a prime purpose of lifting and lowering ULDs to the ground transport vehicle bed height from the aircraft loading deck level, and wce versa
NOTE — The bed of the loader is equipped with a conveyor system to enabe ULDs to be transferred to and from the loader.
cross section of a particular mass, container or igloo
(unit load device) shaped with a close fit to suit the aircraft envelope and to utilize the maximum space available
convertible aircraft
aircraft type which can be converted from an all- passenger to an all-cargo carrying aircraft or vice versa
corner fittings
structural fittings at the corners of intermodal containers to facilitate the handling and securing of such units during surface transportation
corner post
vertical post located at the corner of an intermodal container, integral with the corner fittings and connecting the roof and floor structures
constant section
internal contour of an aircraft measured in a plane perpendicular to the aircraft length and excluding any tapered section of the fuselage
cube utilization
use of available volume in an aircraft
structural floor level
(aircraft having one floor only) main deck
structural floor l.v.l
(aircraft having more than one floor) one of the levels
NOTE — These different floor levels are referred to as lower deck, main deck and upper deck starting from bottom to top.
change in shape of a unit or element resulting from the application of forces
separation of the layers of bonded materials or bonded structural elements
mass divided by volume
design gross weight
ULD design gross weight
maximum mass on which the structural design of a container is based.

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