BS ISO 05389 pdf download – Turbocompressors ——Performance test code

BS ISO 05389 pdf download - Turbocompressors ——Performance test code

BS ISO 05389 pdf download – Turbocompressors ——Performance test code.
Furthermore. dunrig the corn pressaon process or in the compressrnn system and its measuring points. chemical reactions which modify gas contents, volumes arid temperatures, in parbciiar, can OCCLK.
Where a compressor features inward sidestreams and/or extractions, the volume sidestreamn flows or extrachon flows under test and guarantee conclooris shall be harmonized in proportion to the main fk. Here, conversion shall be performed on the basis of the mixture stales.
Where the compressor is operated under test and guarantee conc5tions at diffenng pressure levels, leakage losses shall be considered.
Where a compressor consists of several casings or where its design makes ii possible to remove intercoolers and instal measuring lines in their place, the compressor can be subdivided mb separate compressor ursta for test purposes
The acceptance test does not necessarily furnish proof that the intercoders fulfil the guarantee conditions with regard lore-cooling temperature, pressure loss, coolant flow, etc
8 Guarantee comparison
8.1 Object
The guarantee comparison is comprised of the following
a) verification of the guaranteed absolute and/or related values for power or fluid consumption, and/or for the efficiency of the compressor under guarantee conditions (see 43):
b) vericatiori of the guaranteed upper Imit of the operating range of the compressor under guarantee conditions ane, possibly, also of brie lower limit of the operating range and the corresponding efficiencies under guarantee conditions,
8.2 Execution
8.2.1 General
In order to verify tuWilment of the guarantee, the guarantee values are compared with the test results converted to the guarantee conditions. Inclusion of total uncertainty z, ( in the guarantee comparison is dealt wItti below
The guarantee comparison Is carried out In most cases by means of ‘aphic presentation The Inlet volume flow. I , is selected as the abscissa X. The equations for the relative uncertainty of measured results shall be derived anew for other plotted fealures The variable to be verWmd, eg., efflolency q, is plotted as the ordinate V. The methods for the guarantee comparison described below apply, provided no contractual agreements to the contrary have been made
E.3 Reference boundaries of the compressor
E.3.i Definition
The compressors thermodamec reference boundary is formed by the Inner surface area of the compressor casing wi contact with the compressed Ituid and, if applicable, by the surface area of the intercooler wetted by the compressed fluid and by the planes of the inlet and outlet areas of the suction and discharge pipes. The inner surface area of the casing of these boundaries can generally be regarded with good approximation as heat-impermeable (adiabatic). Where necessary, allowance can be made ‘or heat losses on the casing exterior surfaces as detailed in 59.
The coder surface area in contact with the compressed fluid shall be regarded as heal-permeable (diabetic).
In addition to the surface areas mentioned, the measuring planes for inlet and outlet state shall also be deCned, these should, wherever possible, coincide with the inlet and outlet surface areas. Figures E.3 and E.4 show the thermodynamic reference boundaries for various types of compressors and a useful arrangement of the measuring pdnts The nLarieflcal values stated for the locabon of the measuring planes aid the length of the measliong sockets should be regarded as guide res,
lrrtercoolars are Identified by the number of the preceding and succeeding stage (Roman numeras),
Temperatwes can also be measured In the suction side and dischargeslde plenum. Pressure is measured via borings in the wall, I,… ll is the static pressure which is measured The number of measuring stations per measuring plane depends on the diameter D of the suction and pressure lines. Where D 150 mm. one pressure- and ore temperature-measuring stations are required: v4iere D> 150 mm. two pressure and two temperature stations are necessary Where I) 150 mm. the pressure measuring stabons shall be instaled at intervals of 90, and the temperature measuring station at intervals of 180.

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